Group leader: Dr Megan Wright

Megan graduated with an MSci from the University of Cambridge in 2008 in Natural Sciences (Chemistry), then went on to study for an MRes-PhD with Prof. Ed Tate at the Institute of Chemical Biology at Imperial College London. After receiving her PhD in 2013, she undertook postdoctoral research, first as an EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellow in the Tate group, and then as a Marie Curie Fellow with Prof. Stephan Sieber at the TU Munich. She is currently a tenure-track lecturer and University Academic Fellow in Chemical Proteomics at Leeds.

Group leader: Dr Megan Wright


Tameryn Stringer
Tameryn is a postdoc funded by our EPSRC New Investigator Award, working on chemical probes to study redox modifications of proteins.
Pablo Caramés-Méndez
Pablo is a postdoc funded by our EPSRC New Investigator Award, working on chemical probes to study redox modifications of proteins.
Devon Legge
Devon is a final year EPSRC-funded PhD student co-supervised by Stuart Warriner. Devon is working on chemical tools for formyl peptide receptors.
Jaime Pitts
Jaime is a final year PhD student funded by the Howard Morris Scholarship in biomolecular mass spectrometry. Jaime is working with Richard Bayliss, Frank Sobott and Megan on mass spec approaches to study the cancer supercontroller Myc.
Jack White
Jack is a third year PhD student working on chemical proteomic approaches to understand the mode of action of novel unnatural products in protozoan parasites. This research is funded by a Leverhulme Trust research grant with Adam Nelson and Terry Smith (St Andrews).
Isabelle Pickles
Izzy is a final year student on the Wellcome Trust 4 yr PhD programme, supervised by Robin Bon and co-supervised by Stephen Muench and Megan. Izzy is studying the modulation of TrpC channels by small molecules.
Adrienne is a final year PhD student, funded by an MRC Discovery Medicines North Studentship and based at the University of Liverpool with Dan Neill and Jo Fothergill.
Jodie is an EPSRC-funded second year PhD student working with Megan and Mike Webb on chemical probes to study the interacting partners of phosphohistidine-containing proteins and peptides.
Jake is a first year PhD student funded by the BBSRC White Rose DTP in Mechanistic Biology. Jake is supervised by Mike Webb, Richard Bayliss, and Megan on phosphohistidine signalling.

Undergraduate project students

Jess is in her final year of her MChem in Medicinal Chemistry. Her final year project is on the design and synthesis of small molecule agonists of formylpeptide receptor 2.
Bernardo is a final year MChem student. His project is on the design and synthesis of peptide probes of formylpeptide receptor 1.
Molly is a final year MNatSci student working with Richard Bayliss and Megan on peptide tools to study the interactions of the cancer supercontroller Myc.
Chenyi is an MSc Chemistry student working on electrophilic chemical probes for protein labelling.


Undergraduate project students
Mehreen Khan (MChem, 2019-20)
Callum Hutchinson (MChem, 2019-20)
Nicholas Morris (MSc, 2018-19)
Yifan Ding (MSc, 2018-19)
Camran Ali (MChem, 2018-19) – starting a PhD at the University of Manchester
Moritz Klischan (summer student, 2018) – finishing his Masters’ thesis at HHU, Düsseldorf
Alexandra Tamasanu (MSc, 2017-18)
Delia Brustur (MChem, 2017-18) – now doing a PhD with Prof. Ed Tate, Imperial College London
Tonicha Spencer (MChem, 2017-18) – now a Medical Officer at NuVision Biotherapies
Bryony Stanbridge (Biochemical Society-funded summer student, 2017)
Vikki Clayton (MChem, 2016-17) – chemist at CRUK Manchester Institute